Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back in touch for just a moment

So, no photo's got posted because the connection was so bad that I just had to leave town! Things not forgotten since then:

My last day in Cura - incredibly emotional as I feel I've adopted 50 children in my heart (not to mention the 200 of the children from the community school).

Visit to Kibera Slums and the Silver Womans Center: It was a very intimidating visit to the slums. We had to have residents tour us in order to ensure our complete safety.

Kibera Slums (you can read more about in online) is the host of 2 million people ( half the popluation of Nairobi). There is little water, little food, is unsanitary, and doesn't have the toilet capacity for the popluation. I can't even begin to describe the emotions I have when I think of the living conditions of the woman, children and men who live in this place. The smell of Kibera was of burnt corn, grease, urine, poo, garbage, raw meat, and sweat. I have never seen such a place in my life. I get teary eyed when I think of our visit. I'll share more with anyone who wants to hear the stories when I come home.

The woman of the Silver Woman's Center are woman of the slums who have contracted the HIV virus and have had children who now carry the disease. We visited their home and had the opportunity to buy some the the jewelry they are making to try and get out of the living situation in which they are currently living. Incredible woman who have more strength than I could ever imagine having in thier situations.

We flew to Malindi and had an amazing time there! Visited the Kabaki River, Mombasa, and let's not foget the Indian Ocean. My niece Evan said that we had to taste it to be sure it tasted as good as the Pacific and Atlantic... it sure does, SALTY, but much warmer! So many sotries in between, but this connection keeps cutting me off and I could losr this whole, entire, uninteresting blurb!

My notes from today in the Malindi airport:
-interesting faces
-kenyan candy counter - wondering if i shold buycandy for the kids
-impressed that the cooler of water bottles also has Tuskar beer available
- large white fans blowing overhead
-police officer pacing with his shotgun/AK47 by his side
-small planes landing outside
-stuffy atmosphere/thick air
-tired eyes
-some tourists/some natives
-croweded little room
-great breeze outside
love to people watch, but catch my self having a staring problem, so back to your book, lookie loo!

Tomorrow we head to Nanyuki for a tent safari! Lions, tigers, elephants, and lots of other wildlife outside our tent:))))) EEEEEK ! SO FUN! I can hardly wait to see what this is like! A tent in the middle of wildlife - how COOL! We'll be there Sunday, Monday, and half of Tuesday. We'll leave Nanyuki, head to Nairobi, and we'll begin our 26.75 hour adventure home! I'll be home Wednesday evening when I envision myself huggin, kissing, and loving all over my family!!!!! Loving every minute of where I am, but am soooo looking forward to being home! I have soooooo many pictures and stories to tell!

See you soon! SMOOCHES!

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