Sunday, June 27, 2010

OH DARN IT!@*&%R*&^#*&*#*&

I just spent about an hour updating the last two days which included my last and very emotional day in Cura and today which included an amazing visit to the Kitengela Glass museum and a wonderful lunch at the home of the Cura Founder, Evylyn Mungai Eldon and her husband Mike Eldon. Don't know what happened, but when I went to find photo's to post it deleted everything...... don't think I can duplicate what I wrote so I'll post a few photo's instead.


  1. You have to love modern technology... we have all been there!
    The kiddos and I had a few long catch games with Mesa- that dog has energy! Mesa won! My goodness.
    Can't wait to hear of more of your adventure! I am sure your kiddos and Ryan are counting down :)

  2. Linette, we'll wait for the'll have plenty of time on the plane :) We all miss you out in the Great Northwest (although you aren't missing anything w/ this Jan. weather).