Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun today, Cura Tomorrow!

What a fun day! We woke and got on the treadmil then had some breakfast before we went on for a day in Nakumatt which is an outdoor mall. We were able to meet some of Hayden's good friends and visited with them today as well.

I wasn't feeling all that swell today and even debated going back to the hotel. But instead, I stuck it out and had a big bowl of African veggie rice and a large bottle of water. Feeling quite a bit better now.

We went to a resturaunt called Carnivore for dinner. You must be asking, why, Linette, what did you have for dinner? Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, Kenyan sausage (?), alligator, ostrich sausage, potato soup and dessert. IN-DI-Ges_TION!!!!

Tomorrow is the biggest event of them all. I get to finally go to the Cura Orphanage and meet all of the wonderful children that I've been hearing about! I can hardly wait!! I'll have many pictures to post tomorrow!!

I also got to talk to my amazing family tonight! Happy 14th Anniversary Ryan, xoxo! I love you McKenna and Parker! Perfect ending to a great day! Good night:)


  1. sistah! are you sleeping? I have no idea what time it would be there. but just think of this, no kids or husband for a week, at your own home...hmmm, makes you think this thing thru, eh? ha, i would be there in a heartbeat, amazing! don't forget, you promised you would not have any fun without me!
    no anxiety, right? no treadmill, ok? you are there to have an amazing experience and not worry about calories burned!
    i love you and your baby elephant experience!
    love JB

  2. Stay away from that Kenyan sausage (?)!

  3. This time change is finally settling in... I thik I slept 10 hours last night. I felt great today! Jessi, I did promise to not have any fun while in Kenya without you... just know that all "inside" jokes are being written daily by Hayden:) The best one said by her is "I'll take the passion, but I'll cry about it". (Ice cream flavor) I'm a little stopped up since we've been here, so a little treadmill everyday is with hopes of loosening things up if you know what I mean:)