Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo's of the Day

This does not say Rhino crossing, your eyes are correct, WINO Xing. Although very little wine has been had, I though this sign was hilarious. The day was fantastic! The elephant orphanage was delightful, the Giraffe Center was full of fun loving kisses, and the Karen Blixen museum was very interesting. Nairobi is a very busy town, full of people and cars and public transportation. There are private guards throughout town that carry AK47s and they are there for everyone's protection. It's very bazaar to see this type of public protection. Thought to take a photo of this, but was advised not to.
The giraffe centre was really fun. Not only did we get to learn about this awkward animal, but we got to be up close and personal. My niece and I both got big kisses, notfrom anyone but the girraffe! Photo's will come as I learn how to post more photo's.


  1. ryan had better not hear about the giraffe kissing!
    try to get a hold of a wino crossing sign for my house!
    so amazing and sunny! still raining here, so you are not missing i just returned from taking maddy, duncan and quinn to the grammas on MT for a trip to yellowstone etc. it was raining there too, arg... parker just left for london this morning and i am in olympia using my time wisely by answering your blog:)

  2. hi sis! i'm following you! I love you. Kim

  3. It's so great to hear from everyone! Thanks for staying in touch! I love it, love it! This has been quite the experience:) So glad I am doing it!

  4. Amazing time!!! So happy to hear everything about the orphanage... I look forward to reading everyday... xxoo